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Top Innovators in Healthcare

The top 10 most innovative people in healthcare today share their thoughts on what it means to be innovative, how the healthcare industry is changing and what they foresee in the future.


Invest in Innovation

Why should you invest in innovation? Read about the innovations that have drastically transformed the healthcare industry over the past 250 years and how you can be a part of the future.


physician offices are changing

Physicians are changing the healthcare industry one office at a time. Dr.Adam Spector tells us about his innovative practice and the changes he has witnessed in healthcare.


what is holding developers back

It is commonly accepted that innovation is the key to the future. Then why is so difficult to be innovative? See how large companies are potentially stunting the minds of their employees.


Ezekiel Emanuel Book Review

Prescription for the future: The Twelve Transformation Practices of Highly Effective Medical Organizations. An inside look into the message behind this game-changing book.